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2018 Catalog

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What makes our seeds different? Joint Doctor’s seed varieties belong to a new family of cannabis with unique characteristics. The Joint Doctor’s Lowryder was the first dwarf strain offered to achieve 100% automatic flowering – or autoflowering. Since then, autoflowering has become a huge phenomenon, with home breeders and seed enthusiasts trading seeds and information worldwide.


How it all Began - An Interview with the Joint Doctor

We wanted to bring you the definitive historic account on how modern psychoactive autoflowering cannabis began its journey. The story form the Joint Doctor himself...click to read more.


NEW Feminised varieties from the Joint Doctor - PURPLE RYDER

This newly improved, spectacular autoflowering strain produces brilliant purple buds while leaves stay green. 9-10 weeks from seed. Height: 2-3 ft. Yield: 1.5-2 oz. Suitable for: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse.


"It is our responsibility to use marijuana to change the world"

An interview with the Joint Doctor, the father of Autoflowering Seeds. Being amongst the first people to experiment with them and to market them, creating the famous Lowryder in the process...click to read more.